Some members of the AUFC family.

Some members of the AUFC family.


Allentown United Football Club is a Semi-Pro soccer club in Allentown, Pennsylvania. AUFC will begin Competing in the Northeast Conference of the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), a national league, in Fall 2019.

The plan to start a new semi-pro soccer club came about in late 2018. Our founder Emmanuel, a local of the Lehigh Valley and an avid soccer fan, wanted to create something that would disrupt the current soccer scene in the Valley in a positive way. The real inspiration for this expansion stems from his experience playing with locals of the Lehigh Valley area and also volunteering as a coach with a local youth club. He realized there was so much talent in the Lehigh Valley and he did not want all of that talent to go to waste.

Many who do not get a chance to play in college simply stop playing after high school or rely on finding pickup games to get their fill of soccer. Those with aspirations of playing an an elite level and going pro sometimes can’t afford the expensive academy fees. Emmanuel and his band of partners wanted the 13 year olds he coached and other young players to have something to look forward to and something to work towards; something attainable that did not seem too far out of reach. The club’s vision is to recognize and cultivate top talent in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas and give hope to those who wish to play at the next level. AUFC encourage’s it’s players to become leaders and role models in the community.

AUFC aspires to be its own unique organization. Clubs across the nation have set a high standard for independent lower league teams. These clubs, like us, were established by locals of their respective communities and over the years have grown at an astronomical rate. We admire projects that center around the people of the community because at the end of the day, we are The People’s Club.